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Easy Ways to get up for Fajr

Easy ways to get up for Fajr!!!
Amr ibn Shuaib related on his father's authority that his grandfather reported Rasulullah (peace and blessings be upon him) as saying: “Instruct your children to observe Salat when they are seven years old, and spank them if they do not observe it when they are ten years old and then do not let them sleep in one bed.” (Abu Daud).
Back-to-school means more than just new school supplies and more challenging homework for teens: it also indicates a slip back into the routine of getting up early to catch the bus, and if possible, some breakfast before rushing out. As students we all know how getting out of bed for the Fajr prayer can be tuff. Especially after that long night getting your coursework or homeworks done. And also when exam time is close, we spend day and night worrying and revising thoroughly for this short exam that when its time for Fajr we are exhausted from going to sleep so late. But in fact, this is the time when it is most crucial to wake up for this morning prayer because we need all the help we can get from Allah. Surely missing Fajr at any time will result in severe consequences. THE FACT IS AS A MUSLIM WE SHOULD WAKE UP FOR FAJR! As many things in Islam go, to wake up for Fajr we have to struggle (Jihad of the nafs). 

Have faith that if you accidently miss prayer you may make it up as soon as possible. But if you keep missing fajr prayer due to carelessness and constant negligence then you are jeopardizing your faith. Even more dangerous is when you become complacent with not waking up and satisfied with just making Fajr prayer whenever you happen to wake up.
To train yourself to wake up on time practice these tips (even if you've tried them before and they have not worked. As stated before, it is a struggle and not one that can be abandoned)  

Tip 1: Get to go to bed early
Never underestimate the power of a good night's rest. This is crucial in not only helping you waking up for Fajr but also it helps keep you healthy. To avoid staying up late cramming for an exam or getting that piece of coursework done, do it earlier, well before the due date! Why don’t you and your best friend do this together, try to tell them. In this way it will build courage and both of you is in synch and have a regular schedule.

Tip 2: Avoid too much junk
I know what you’re thinking! What are childhood and adolescence without chips, candy bars and soft drinks? These types of food are high in sugar and tend to make people hyper and lazy, you included. Reducing junk food intake, or limiting it to weekends, as well as increasing your consumption of fruits and vegetables will ensure a healthier diet, and less sluggishness.                   

Tip 3: Get yourself an alarm clock!
In most cases getting to bed on time and reducing junk food intake should be enough to ensure you can wake up for Fajr. But there are always those of us who need a virtual explosion outside our bedroom windows to wake us up. In this case, the alarm clock becomes your ally. Get any alarm clock, the louder the better. And don't just think you have to use only one alarm clock, if waking up is a severe hardship in your house buy and set a series of alarm clock at various places. Just don't put it near you bed! Put one right across your room, this way you will have to get OUT OF BED and set the other one in the hallway. At that point there really is NO turning back!!!

Tip 4: If you have siblings, assign them the responsibility to wake up (not all of the time of course!)
This should instill enough responsibility in any person's heart to force them to wake up for Fajr. It reminds them that if they oversleep and miss Fajr, mom, dad, and all brothers and/or sisters will be missing it too, all because of him or her! 
Using this method also stresses the importance of Fajr prayer, and creates a sense of dutifulness and responsibility. Have them dump some water on your face to wake you up!

Tip 5: Make sure you have friends who pray Fajr
In this case, it's important that you develop friendships with other practicing Muslims their age. This will have a positive effect on them, and they are more likely to listen to their peers (you!) and follow your examples at this age, than their parents.. It will build confidence and you will get reward for it, Inshallah.

Tip 6: Establish a Fajr wake up calling system!
This can work especially for us teenagers. Get calling your friends to wake them up for Fajr and vice-versa. This will serve as positive peer pressure and will feel less like their parents nagging them to get up! Praying Fajr is difficult for many Muslims, of all ages. A person who can wake up and pray Fajr can also perform the other prayers easily.  
Tip 7: Read Dua before going to sleep.
Waking up is a mental thingOn the weekend imagine how you linger in bed, but on a weekday because of school how you get yourself up to get to class on time. The point is to make dua before you sleep to ask Allah to help you wake up, it also serves as a mental reminder that when your alarm rings you have to get up and you have to pray! 
Tip 8: Get you level of adrenaline up!
When your alarm goes off roll out of bed and do some push ups or get up and do some jumping jacks. Once you get some adrenaline in your blood stream, not only will you be able to make fajr salat, but you might stay up and do some homework! (probably not but at least you'll make salat).          



  1. Great tipsss, mashallah! May Allah make it easier for us to read every salaat on time with full concentration and devotion. Ameen!!!


  2. Muslimah93 - Jazakallah on your comments. Ameen! :D and can u also email me on
    I'd love to keep in contact! /;)

  3. Thanks for sharing great tips.. we should offer fajr prayer.., Allah says in the Quran “Establish regular prayers at the sun’s decline till the darkness of the night, and the recital of the Qur’an in the fajr prayer, for the recital of the fajr is witnessed” (Al-Israa 17:78)
    The Prophet (PBUH) said: “Whoever prays the fajr prayer in congregation, it is as if he (or she) had prayed the whole night long.” [Muslim & Tirmidhi].


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