Friday, 13 August 2010

Friends: Good or Bad?


In not referring to the American sit-com “Friends” in case you’re thinking. The term human in Arabic is “insanun”, resulting from the root “anisa” meaning get out solace, peace and comfort from others. Hence, it's the nature coming from all human beings to find contentment when in the company of others, i.e friends. If all of us were to obtain our own cocoon without the need of humans around us, then it would be impossible to stay at!

When Adam (as) was created and put in Jannah he felt very apart. So Allah ta’ala designed for him Hawa (as) who became his wife. (i said this because u might imagine it’s ok to possess a girlfriend.) Remember your best friend should (and inshallah will be) your wife!

But i know what u might be thinking...”Does it really matter very much who we hang around? Are we really to select our friends like flowers?” but this is just what the Beloved Muhammad (saw) said: The type of an outstanding friend is similar to a perfume seller, even if he doesn't ensure that you get any scent you shall most definitely benefit from the smell and the example of a bad friend is like a blacksmith, even though your clothes do not get burnt, the smoke shall definitely touch you. (Bukhari)

What a wonderful explanation Subhanallah! Now, how on earth would you know how the mates you are hanging out with are bad or good? Ok! Fairly simple. Does she or he have the qualities of a good Muslim? Generous? Forgiving? Polite? Humble? Forbearing? Acts upon the Sunnah? Punctual on Salah? Always ready to assist others? Says to you if you have done something wrong?

Are all your answers “Yes”? then, Alhamdulillah, you’ve struck it lucky. You are looking at the perfect friend. If “no” then you ought to reverse away from the friendship ASAP!! For the Messenger (saw) has said: “A person would be with whom he loves.” (Bukhari)...meaning that on the day of Judgement you will be raised with the company you kept.

You can see in life: an outstanding kid from a good background suddenly meets up with a guy that’s into smoking more likely than not within a month or two, this good guy now becomes a smoker! If just cannot be explained, but whoever you stay with will almost certainly affect you.

You will find there's beautiful story regarding the effects of bad company:

Once there was a frog and a mouse who became friends. Their friendship grew as the days and weeks passed until they could not bear the separation and would long to meet and talk to each other at the hours of the night when the frog would be deep below the water and the mouse in a quiet place on land. The mouse at once came up with an idea: “Hey, why don’t we tie a rope to our feet and when you miss me at night you can pull that rope. In that way, I’ll come straight down to the river and we can never feel the pain of separation?” So this is what they did. It so happened that one day the mouse was walking and a bird flew by. Seeing the mouse scurrying here and there, the bird launched an attack and scooped it up in its long talons. It began to fly away with the mouse, but as it was also tied, the young frog felt itself being yanked up into the sky. The frog looked up and saw its fate. The mouse said: “Sorry mate, you wanted to be my friend!”

The quran explains to us the words of regret a person shall utter on the Day of Judgement:

“And remember that day when the wrongdoer will bite his hands; he will say “Oh! Would that i had taken a path with the Messenger.” Ah! Woe to me! I wish i had not made so-and-so an intimate friend!” (Surah 25 Ayah 27-28)

So my dear friends, let us befriend the pious and sit in the company of the scholars for as the rain falls and hits the land all around, similarly when the mercy of Allah descends on these servants we shall most certainly get some good portion...

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