Sunday, 20 February 2011

A poem....It is hard

A poem - It is hard

It is hard,
So hard.
The stress, 
The expectation,
The obligation:
Uphold the family image”
“ Uphold Islam”
“ Make something of yourself”
“ Be successful”
“ Get better Grades”
“ Prove to your teachers you can”
“ Be an example to your siblings
             to other Muslim women”

“ You have more opportunities then I ever had”
“ Why aren’t you studying”
“ Study harder”
“ Do your homework”
“ Listen to your teachers”
“ What are they teaching you”
“ You just have to work harder” 
“ You don’t take school serious enough”
“ You can be anything you want…….
                        anything at all…………”
But, what do I want to be 
What do I want to study
Can I please them all?
Can not be a failure
Can not fail
Can not fall.

Oh Allah, as the Prophet prayed for his cousin Abdullah, please
" O Lord, make (Me) acquire a deep understanding of the religion of Islam and instruct (Me) in the meaning and interpretation of things."
Grant me Patience,
Grant me strength,
Grant me knowledge

Let me be guided to the straight path
Chose a good career
Please my parents
Propogate Islam

Please Allah do not let me fail 
Do not let me fall.



  1. Ameen this was a really wonderful poem your efforts for the muslim teens are great :)


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