Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Unanswered Duas?

Ever wondered why your Duas (prayers) dont get accepted and answered? 

Ibrahim Bin Adham (May Allah have mercy on him) told these 10 sicknesses of the spiritual heart to a group to people who asked him why their Duas werent being answered. If you want your Duas to be accepted, consider and reflect on the following points:
  • You believe in Allah and his existance but you dont fulfil His commands
  • You say you Love the Prophet Muhammad (s) but you dont follow and practice his Sunnah.
  • You read the Holy Quran, but you dont put it into practice
  • You enjoy all the benefits from Allah, but you're not grateful to him
  • You acknowledge Shaitan as your enemy, but you do not go against him
  • You want to enter Paradise, but you dont work for it
  • You do not want to be thrown into the fire, but you do not try to run away from it
  • You believe every living thing will die, but yet you dont prepare for it
  • You gossip and find faults in others, but you forget your own faults and bad habits
  • You bury the dead, but you dont take a lesson from it  

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