Thursday, 30 December 2010

Loneliness...A Poem!

Loneliness is not the

absence of affection,
But the absence of direction
So let me fill you up on this section:

See we all have our ghosts,
Our hunters.
We try to run away,
But they always catch us,
And when they do, they wreck us.

They are the beasts that come out,
One by one.
To tear us apart, to range in our hearts,
And to deepen our cuts

They say time heals all wounds,
But it doesn’t wash away the scars.
The mind is an evil thing;
It can bring you together,
And a minute later, tear you apart
It lets you remember your part,
Darken the hole in your heart,
Clog your veins, so you feel the excruciating pain

But you get used to it,
You start to embrace it, to accept it,
Instead of trying to chase it,
Or erase it
Stop trying to face it,
With a plan of destruction in mind,
Because you end up recreating it.

So smack a smile on 
And look it straight in the eyes, don’t cringe away in fright,
Know you’re bright, as a star high above
In the dark night sky

Say your last goodbye,
remember Allah 
calm your heart in thought 

Move on, don’t lie in the past
Look at the present, and look forward to the future,
Cause slowly the loneliness gets rather lonely
and disappears…



  1. This poem is so nice, mashallah! Mind if i save and share it? Btww, do you know the authorr? Xoxo. =)

  2. Muslimah93 - Jazakallah sooo much!! :D :D Nope, i dont minh..u go ahead and share it ..:D and the author (whichh i have written at the bottom of the post) is by Zainab Dokrat, my friend. :D xxx

  3. fm botswana ? :P

  4. Ilyaas - yes it is from Botawana. A friend of mines wrote it.


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