Saturday, 9 October 2010

At the age of...

At the age of 4 we think: Mum knows everything.
At the age of 8 : Mum knows a lot.
At the age of 12: Mum doesn't really know everything.
At the age of 15: Mum doesn't know anything.
At the age of 16: Mum doesn't exist.
At the age of 18: She's old fashioned.
At the age of 25: Maybe Mum does know about this.
At the age of 35: Before we decide, let's ask Mum.
At the age of 45: I wonder what Mum thinks about this?
At the age of 65: I wish.......I could ask Mum!

Oh Allah, grant my mum Paradise for the hardships she bore just for me, accept her efforts and veil her mistakes. Oh Allah, give my sabr (patience) and nothing but love and honour for my mum and help me to never say uff and please forgive my short comings against her. Ameen.

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