Friday, 13 August 2010

The Quran Challenge! Have your ever read the whole Quran in your own language?

Yes you read right! From cover to cover in your own language!!

In keeping with the current season of sports tournaments or ‘challenges’, I would like to tell you about a challenge far greater than any World Cup, a challenge whose prize is worth more than any piece of silverware. Allow me to introduce you to….The Quran Challenge. 

How the challenge began:

Paul: So you must be fluent in Arabic, then?
Me: Well, I can read Arabic fluently, but I can’t speak it.
Paul: Errr…so when you read the Quran, do you understand what you are reading?
Me: *pause* I don’t actually, but we do have an interpretation of the meaning of the Qur’an (picks up an English translation of the Quran, and hands it to Paul).
Paul: So have you read the Quran in English?
Me: *long pause* Honestly……I have read bits, but not cover to cover…….
Paul: Dont you think you should do that before telling me how amazing it is? And how can you tell me to read a book that you haven’t read yourself?

Don't you think this makes complete sense? Why would someone listen to you promote something you don't know? 
The Quran was sent to everyone, so don't you think that you need to understand the message??
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