Wednesday, 25 August 2010

How Long Does It Take You To Finish The Qur’aan?

Imaam Nawawi writes in his book at-Tibyaan fee aadaab hamalatil Qur’aan:

It is befitting to make special time for the tilawah of the Qur’aan and increase in it.

It was from the practise of the salaf – may Allah be pleased with them – that they used to finish the Qur’aan within different periods of time.

Ibn Abee Dawuud reports that some of the salaf used to finish one khatam (complete Qur’aan) in two months.

Others use to finish one khatam every month.

Some used to finish one khatam within ten days the likes of Hasan al-Basri. And some every eighth dayssuch as the noble companion Ubayy bin Ka’b.

A great portion of them used to finish the Qur’aan within a week, people such as ‘Abdullah bin Mas’uud and ‘Alqamah bin Qays etc.

Some finished every six days such as al-Asuud bin Yazeed and others every five days.

A portion of them used to finish the Qur’aan every four days such as Aboo Dardaa’.

And even a greater portion used to finish the Qur’aan every three days like ‘Abdullah bin ’Amr.

Some every two nights such as ‘Ataa bin as-Saa-ib. And a big portion of them used to finish the Qur’aanevery day like ‘Abdullah bin Zubayr.

Some even finished the Qur’aan twice, meaning every night and day! Such as ‘Abdur-Rahmaan bin al-Qaasim.

Some finished the Qur’aan three times a day, whereas others finished the Qur’aan eight times a dayfourkhatams during the day and four during the night.

As for those who used to finish the Qur’aan every day and night were the likes of ‘Uthmaan bin ’Affaan, at-Tameem ad-Daariyy, Sa’eed bin Jubair, Mujaahid, ash-Shaafi’ee amongst others.

Ibn Abee Dawuud reports with an authentic chain that Mujaahid used to finish the Qur’aan once during Ramadan between magrib and isha.

Some of the Taabi’een used to finish two khatams between magrib and isha during the month of Ramadan.

And it has also been reported that many of the salaf used to finish the entire Qur’aan in one raka’ahthese were people like ‘Uthmaan bin ‘Affaan, at-Tameem ad-Daareyy and Sa’eed bin Jubair.

Now compare these with how many times you complete your Qur' aan and the amounts of times you do it!

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